Customer Training

Training provided to both new and existing customers

You will design and run a sample product


  • Discussion of the filament winding process
  • Composite Designer programming software
  • SimWind machine control operation
  • Fiber dispensing and redirecting
  • Machinery setup and Maintenance


McClean Anderson provides training to both existing customers and for those who may be new to filament winding. As a convenience, training can be conducted at the McClean Anderson facility in our PET Center or at the customer's site.

Sample Training Outline

Overview of Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

What is filament winding?

SimWind training
- Path files
- Motion files
- Features
- Modules

Ocelot Control Training
- Start up of the machine
- Logging on to the control
- Shutdown procedure

Loading and running programs on the machine
- Develop, load and run a single program
- Develop, load and run a chain wind
- Wind using Towpreg
- Bottle wind
- Helical wind
- Wind using dry fiber
- Bottle wind
- Helical wind

- You design programs and run them