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Maximum mandrel diameter and length including stub shafts.
Maximum part diameter.
Minimum and maximum part length.
Maximum spindle capacity in lbs or kg (mandrel + part = weight).
Shape of part to be filament wound (bottle, tube, etc.).


Will the application be wet winding and/or towpreg winding?
Fiber to be used in application (carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar™, towpreg, etc.).
Resin to be used in application (Epoxy, Polyester, Polyurethane, etc.).
How many axes of motion are required?
Is the fiber center-pull or outside pull material?
Maximum number of tows to be used?
Maximum tension per tow desired?


What type of tooling is required to couple the mandrel?
What type of fiber impregnation systems will be used?

Machine Duty Cycle

Production rate requirement (parts per week, monthly, annually)?
How many hours per week will the machine run?
Do you have experience in filament winding?
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