Electrical  / Controls Engineer

Position Description

The Controls Engineer reports and receives work assignments from the Project Manager.  The responsibilities of the Software and Controls Engineer are to use correct procedures, standards and methods that will produce quality product.


Candidate will use their programming skills in common software languages such as C++, .NET (VB / C#), as well as some lower assembly such as Intel, Microchip PIC, or Motorola, to devise software solutions for McClean Anderson's various motion and control systems. Candidate will use their knowledge of PC operating systems – especially Windows as well as DOS, in order to perform component selection, integration, and troubleshooting. Some software design is math intensive involving some calculus & differential equations (primarily numerical methods), geometry - including computer based modeling, and dynamics with some general statics & materials knowledge will be needed.

Candidate will also apply their knowledge of digital hardware, microcontroller based design, and basic analog design to create, implement, and troubleshoot the hardware devices needed to complete our controls. Knowledge of motion and general control theory, power electronics such as motor drives and power supplies (linear / switching), electrical isolation, and noise issues are needed, as are general math and physics skills.

Pay: Salary, based on experience
Duration / Hours per week: Full time, 40 to 45 hours per week
Shift / Work Day: First shift, Monday through Friday
Education: Bachelors’s degree or equivalent focused in motion control systems would be a plus.

This position will involve occasional travel both foreign and domestic.


  • The ability to work in a group environment.
  • The ability to work in a group environment.
  • Required to be a self-starter, able to work well without close direction.
  • To communicate honestly, openly and effectively (both verbally and in writing) to customers and fellow workers.
  • Must have experience with circuit boards at the component level.
  • Must have strong computer skills.
  • Must have a good understanding of electronic hardware (reading schematics and component data sheets, operating meters, oscilloscopes and emulators).

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for producing high quality software for McClean Anderson products.
  • Compiles and furnishes necessary information (engineering decisions and reports of pertinent design analyses data) to document the design solution required for building of prototypes and adoption of the design.
  • Provide technical leadership for development projects.
  • Develops and/or executes test or analysis plan for product verification and validation.
  • Verify the compliance of McClean Anderson machinery to various safety standards.
  • Provides technical support to sales/marketing, manufacturing and engineering.
  • Applies knowledge of company products, policies and practices to provide economies through standardization of parts and products.
  • Training of customer’s personnel.
  • Writing of operations manuals.


Insurance:                     Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance and Disability Insurance
Leave and Holiday:      Vacation, Paid Holidays
Retirement:                   Simple IRA