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Our basic winder, perfect for composite part development.

All Winders can be modified... Ask us about customizing.




Pheumaitc Tailstock Quill with 3-Jaw Chuck
Pneumatic tailstock quill with 75 mm [3"] of travel to ease load/unload of mandrels.  Tailstock provided with 5" 3-jaw chuck.  Chuck clamping range 3 mm [1/8"] to 50 mm [2"] dia.  Requires 90-psi air supply.

Pheumaitc Tailstock Quill with #2 Live Center
Pneumatic tailstock quill with 75 mm [3"] of travel.  Tailstock quill provided with #2 Morse tapered live center. Requires 90-psi air supply.

Fiber Delivery System

Electronic Fiber Tensioning
McClean Anderson's digital-electronic fiber tensioning systems provide the optimum method available for precision fiber dispensing.  Tensioning systems are available in a wide range of configurations.

Bookshelf Fiber Dispensing Creel
Stationary fiber dispensing creel.  Spools of fiber are placed onto shelving and fiber is redirected through a series of ceramic eyelets. Ideal for center-pull glass.

Fiber Impregnation

Drum or Fiber-Dip Type Resin Bath
Jacketed, stainless steel, resin bath assembly.  Used for metering and controlling fiber wet-out.
Baths are made of a stainless steel/aluminum construction.

Re-circulation Liquid Type Resin Bath Heater
Heater consists of a built in heated reservoir that pumps liquid through the lower jacket of the resin bath tank.

Electric Type Resin Bath Heater
Heater consists of a heat pad located on the bottom of the resin bath tank.

Resin Drip Trays
Resin drip trays are positioned directly under the machine spindle.  The tray features handles for easy removal.


IR Curing Panel
IR Curing Panels are designed to cure parts while in the Filament Winding Machine.

Control Features

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)                                                        
System maintains machine control power for up to 30 minutes in the event of main power failure.

120V Power Option
Transformer to convert customer supplied 120V incoming power to 240V. Servo drives/motors require a 240V power source.

Wireless Radio Control Pendant  
Allows operation of the filament-winding machine by means of a wireless pendant.  Aids and improves machine operation for extended length machinery.

Digital Auxiliary Outputs
Generates programs for activating digital outputs during winding program execution.  These programs enable you to trigger output states based on existing filament winding program states.

Bar Code Scanner
2D scanner allows the scanning of bar codes to load the associated part program.

Safety Features

Safety Edge (Bumper Switch)
Bumper switches are used to stop the machine in an Estop state in the event the machine's horizontal carriage would strike a foreign object.  Switches are located on both the headstock and tailstock sides of the winder's horizontal carriage.


Overhead Laser Alignment System with Display
System will facilitate placement of Towpreg plies and verification of beginning and end of winding patterns that are located within the machines winding envelope.