Tough, Dependable, Affordable

Workhorse designed specifically for the pipe market

All Winders can be modified... Ask us about customizing.



Spindle - Mandrel Rotation
Maximum Diameter
Maximum Speed
Spindle Capacity
Number of Spindles
1500 mm [60"]
100 RPM
1633 kg [3,600 lbs]
Horizontal Carriage
Carriage Stroke
Maximum Speed
Carriage Capacity
2 - 35m [79 - 1,378"] Note: 3m increments
1 m/sec [200 ft/min]
680 kg [1,500 lbs]
Cross-feed Axis
Axis-3 (optional)
Carriage Stroke
Maximum Speed
760 mm [30"]
1 m/sec [200 ft/min]
Eye Rotation Axis
Axis-4 (optional)
Maximum Speed
Inside Diameter
± 180 degrees
150 RPM
254 mm [10"]


Machine Control
McClean Anderson's Ocelot machine control system is a PC / PLC based system that makes filament winding simpler, faster and more accurate. Since the system is PC-based, users can develop and edit programs right at the control with SimWind part development software - even while winding!

McClean Anderson's SimWind is an advanced offline software programming tool used for designing and modeling complex filament wound structures. During part program development, winding simulations can be rendered with ease, allowing the users to analyze a multitude of winding scenarios in a matter of seconds.