Makes filament winding simpler, faster and more accurate

Available in a wide variety of configurations

McClean Anderson's Flexwind machine control system is a PC based system that makes filament winding simpler, faster and more accurate. You can develop and edit programs right at the control using Composite Designer Pattern Software. Available in a wide variety of configurations.


  • Industrially hardened components
  • Windows® operating system
  • 17" Flat Panel LCD Display
  • Drives: DVD/CD
  • Ports: USB and 10/100 Ethernet
  • Directly accepts LOD, MMT, CHN and BUF file formats. Translation is required to run CTS and SEG file formats
  • Flexible execution for recovery and R&D: start programs by time, circuits or segments
  • Ability to support multiple languages with bitmap based screen
  • Control rate of jogging, finding path and referencing
  • Integrated aux-out, custom output, resin control, fiber control and automatic program loading
  • Data and event logging
  • Ramp down at end of program and upon approaching hard stops - acceleration rate can be set by user