Fiber Impregnation

Designed for impregnating & metering the resin-to-fiber ration

Stainless steel construction/easily disassembled for cleanup

Drum Type

  • Drum Type Resin Baths are designed for precise resin control. When the drum rotates, a film of resin builds up. This film can be metered to the desired amount using the doctor blade.
  • With our optional Programmable-Digital Doctor Blade, alter resin amount anytime during the wind process. Also features Data Logging capability.

Fiber-Dip Type

  • Fiber-Dip Type Resin Baths are designed for high consumption resin enviroments.
  • Resin metering is controlled using a squeegee. After the fiber has been submerged in resin it passes through a squeegee where the excess resin is wiped off.

Optional Resin Bath Heater

  • Digitally-Controlled Re-Circulation Type Resin Bath Heater – It consists of a built-in heated reservoir that pumps liquid through the lower jacket of the resin bath tank. Heat temperature range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius)
  • Digitally-Controlled Electric Type Resin Bath Heater – Consists of heated pads located at the bottom tray of the resin bath tank. Heat temperature range of 170 degrees Fahrenheit (76 degrees Celsius)

Drum Type

Fiber-Dip Type

Programmable-Digital Doctor Blade

The precise resin control you have always needed. Includes data logging capabilities. Alter resin amount anytime during the wind process. The Flexwind machine control allows resin content to become one of your winding parameters. Just program the digital doctor blade settings and begin data logging for quality control records. The doctor blade is an add-on feature of our Drum Type Resin Baths.

  • Specifically developed Windows® based software.
  • High precision servo motor control. Programmable control embedded into winding programs via OCELOT and Simwind software based on other winding parameters.
  • Alter resin amounts anytime during a wind process.
  • No more manual measuring of blade/drum opening.
  • Dr. Blade opening can be programmed from .002 to .070.
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning.
  • You achieve a higher quality part due to more evenly distributed resin.
  • Can be installed on McClean Anderson Drum Type Resin Baths.