Customer Training

Training provided to both new and existing customers

You will design and run a sample product

McClean Anderson provides training to both existing customers and for those who may be new to filament winding. As a convenience, training can be conducted at the McClean Anderson facility in our R&D Center or at the customer’s site.

Sample Training Outline

Overview of Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

What is filament winding?

Machinery setup and Maintenance

SimWind training
– Path files
– Motion files
– Features
– Modules

Ocelot Control Training
– Start up of the machine
– Logging on to the control
– Shutdown procedure

Loading and running programs on the machine
– Develop, load and run a single program
– Develop, load and run a chain wind
– Wind using Towpreg
– Bottle wind
– Helical wind
– Wind using dry fiber
– Bottle wind
– Helical wind

– You design programs and run them