Fiber Delivery Tooling

Designed for dispensing wet or dry fibers to the mandrel from the carriage of the filament winder

Designed uniquely for each application of material

Whether you’re wet winding or dry winding, managing fiber as it’s dispensed to your part or mandrel is a critical element to any filament winding process. With unique materials used in every winding process, McClean Anderson will work with you to match the appropriate tooling specific to your application.

Wet-Wind Fiber Delivery Tooling
Static tooling comprised of a delivery arm, comb and final radiused delivery ring.

Roller-type Delivery Tooling
Tooling designed for use primarily with dry winding applications or towpreg. Tooling is comprised of a series of guide rollers, a consolidation roller, and lead delivery roller.

Delivery Lead

Delivery Tooling Wet Wind

Roller Delivery and Prepregnation