Fiber Delivery Systems

Electronic Fiber Tensioning

Optimum method available for precision fiber dispensing

Ask us about fiber path management and custom tensioner configurations.

Standard Tension Range < 1 lbf to 20 lbf (4.5 N to 90 N). Electronic – Digital Tensioning Systems can be incorporated into free standing or slave creel systems. Also available for high-acceleration tensioning applications (e.g. irregular shaped, high speed winds)


  • Standard Tension Range < 1 lbf to 20 lbf (4.5 N to 90 N).
  • Dynamic accuracy better than 5%.
  • Servo Control with unlimited take-up.
  • Tension data logging.
  • Automatic compensation for spool size weight & speed.
  • Configurable, automatic motor and system stop on fiber break.
  • Pneumatic chucks ease in load-unload of material.
  • Accommodates 3″ (76 mm) core outside pull materials.

Flexible Operator interface

  • Remote operator control through the OCELOT machine control.
  • Programmable control embedded into winding programs.
  • Independent tension control of each spool.
  • Real-time, high precision, actual tension display on machine control.
  • Real-time, actual tension data logging.

Free Standing, Slaved, and On-board Creels

  • Compact design for limited space environments.
  • Spools can be independently configured.
  • Independent tension control and viewing of each spool.
  • Remote operator control through McClean Anderson OCELOT software


Bookshelf Creels

Stationary fiber dispensing creel. Spools of fiber are placed onto shelving and fiber is redirected through a series of ceramic eyelets.

  • Ideal for center-pull glass.
  • Portable stand can be easily moved to desired location.
  • Compact design for limited floor space environment.